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A Vision Becomes Reality

I’ve been asking myself what is truly important to people. What do they need? What brings them happiness in bikes?
Precision, rigidity, lightness, durability, design, finish, quality impression, excellent performance in all aspects – wouldn’t everyone want to have an item of such rare perfection.
I founded BITO R&D with the vision of creating such motorcycles and parts that would give real satisfaction, excitement, and joy to its owners. For me, this would be the best social contribution I could make.
In my career, I’ve moved from Yoshimura R&D to Honda R&D, and I have been doing R&D, RESEARCH, and DEVELOPMENT since childhood. Anyway, I didn’t like being pushed around by people, so…

Bito Advantages

Our engineering expertise and motorsport experience led to innovative in-house technologies  and proprietary standards [JB-SPEC] that enable our products to perform and deliver without limitation, providing an experience of what riding a motorcycle should feel like.

Full Commitment

Our commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and industry-leading quality standards earned the JB-POWER Products numerous messages of appreciation from countless customers and placed them in races all over the world.

Experience Since 1976

Returning home to Japan after a successful career as chief mechanic at Yoshimura R&D as well as Honda R&D, Jyo Bito founded Bito R&D, in 1983, to fulfill his vision of creating luxury yet sporty motorcycles and took on the ongoing challenge to create world-leading products.

Market Leading Quality

Built under the unquestionable, industry-leading quality standards, JB-SPEC, Bito R&D products are objects of rare and unmatched perfection.


Here at Bito R&D, we provide full custom solutions to customers from all over the world, offering direct shipment and remote support to companies and private customers as well. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We speak English, Japanese, and German.


Being extra light and exceptionally durable, JB-Power products represent the cutting edge in engine technology, made of the best material possible, to ensure peak performance.


While other manufacturers were still focusing on cast magnesium wheels, JB-Power developed the legendary MAGTAN, a wheel lighter and stronger than any other wheel you could purchase.